Why Work Here


We care at Active TeleSource. Helping people is what we do every day. And, helping our team learn and grow is the most important part of our culture. If you are a good listener, service driven, and looking for a great career opportunity, join us at Active TeleSource.

We’re a Portland grown company that cares about people, our community and achieving success together.
Goran Samojlovski Founder
Truly enjoy working here. There are many different projects and room to grow within. I enjoy the management team…they are down to earth and overall great people to work for…They truly care for their employees and want to see us succeed…
Mariah O.
Active TeleSource is understanding and amazing to work with. They understand that life happens, and are always very professional and friendly. Makes it much easier to wake up in the morning!
Brittany G.
Going on 16 years with Active TeleSource!! Great company, great people!! I get to retire in 3 years...that will be bittersweet day.
Pam K.
Following his 15 year work anniversary - “It's has been a privilege and an honor to work for such a great company...Now, another 15 years should do it for me!”
Brian T.